Fashion Bloomer of the Month: Samantha

Can you guys believe it’s March 1 already?  It’s crazy how fast this year is flying by already.  It’s time for another Fashion Bloomer of the Month!  If you’re just tuning into the blog, check out my first of this feature to get a sense on what this is all about!

This month, I am featuring someone that means the absolute world to me.  She’s been there with me every step of the way throughout my life and inspires me to no end with the trials and challenges she’s faced thus far on her life journey.  And so, without further a-do, meet Samantha:  My sister, rock, and best friend.


I am so excited to finally feature my sister and you can definitely expect to see more of her (and her adorable pup, Cash) in future posts.  Her pictures turned out absolutely stunning as she’s definitely the most photogenic person in our family. 😉 Styling her and getting her out of her comfort zone with a boho look was such a new and unique way for us to bond.  It was also fun rocking her favorite style of a cozy tunic and leggings with her (it’s definitely my go-to look as well!).  It was such a relaxed and comfortable photo shoot.  She’s a natural!

Check out more about her and her personal style journey below (with some cute dog pictures along the way!), and get some new style inspiration!









So, what brought you to Bloom Boutique Blog?

I’m lucky enough to be related to the founder!  I’m so proud of my little sister for chasing after her dream! I’ve truly been impressed by her drive and creativity, and I can’t wait to see where it takes her.

Tell me a little about yourself and what you do!

I’m a Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner at the Medical College of Wisconsin. I work with patients facing serious illness, and help to provide mental, physical, and emotional support   to them and their families. It’s both challenging and rewarding work, and I feel blessed to be able to make a difference in the lives of others when it’s needed the most.

What do you love about fashion?

I love that it allows you to express who you are in a very upfront way. I’ve always loved the way you can see someone’s personality shine through just by what they’re wearing.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’d say my style is usually pretty laid back. I’ve always been a big fan of comfort and functionality. I enjoy stepping outside the box every now and then, but I think Leah can attest to the fact that I tend to gravitate toward a relaxed, “safe” style. 

What’s your go-to fashion piece?

I love long, flowy tunic style tops and dresses. Lately I’ve been loving the maxi dress in the Summertime, which was something I never thought I could pull off until I gave it a try a couple years ago!

32733426140_18e8365db7_o (1)




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Are there any styles that you don’t feel you can “pull off”?

I tend to shy away from anything too “edgy” or Boho. But I’ve always been intrigued by those particular looks.

How did you feel after being styled and being photo’d in that outfit?

I felt great! It definitely allowed me to see just how easy it can be to put something together that’s so different from what I’m used to.

Has this experienced changed the way you view your personal style?

It’s definitely given me a fresh look at new ways I can revamp my style! ….And I’m excited that I can take advantage of having a personal stylist in the family! I’m thankful to Leah for the experience – it was a blast!

HUGE shout out to Sam for opening up and sharing her style story.  You look amazing and these photos truly reflect your inner beauty as well as outward.  It was also a blast shooting with your little pup.  I love you! And can’t wait to rope you into more of my style posts! 😉



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Do you want to be Bloom Boutique Blog’s next Fashion Bloomer of the Month?  Shoot me an email at or click on “Let’s Talk” in my menu bar to get in touch with me for a style session!  Have a great rest of your week.

♥ Leah

Photos by:  Elizabeth Izzo (check out her website!)

Outfit Details (similar pieces linked):

Sam’s Go-To Outfit: Tunic:  Apricot Lane Green Bay//Leggings:  JC Penny//Boots:  DSW//Necklace:  Dry Goods

Leah’s Outfit:  Tunic:  Apricot Lane Madison//Leggings:  Victoria’s Secret PINK//Boots:  Steve Madden//Scarf:  Apricot Lane Peoria//Sunglasses:  Nordstrom

Sam’s Boho Look:  Floral top:  Apricot Lane Madison//Jeans:  American Eagle//Booties:  DSW//Hat:  Apricot Lane Peoria//Wrap bracelet:  Charming Charlie’s//Leather bracelet:  Nine West//Rose gold ring:  Charming Charlie’s

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  1. Awe. I love this! You can tell that you and your sister genuinely love and care for each other as friends and sisters. I love both of the outfits, but especially that beautifully pink top. Are you both in Wisconsin?! That’s where I live too. Maybe you can style me sometime!

  2. Aw!! Your sister is beautiful! Isn’t it wonderful having sisters? I don’t’ know what I’d do without mine. Speaking of which , I’ve been dying to do my own sister shoot!

    1. She really is gorgeous! I love my sister so much. We’ve definitely had our trials and arguments, but she’s my best friend…through thick and thin!! You totally should shoot with your sister. It was so much fun for me!

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