Mixing textures: Velvet and Metallic

Guess what?  It’s finally Friday which means I leave for Jamaica TOMORROW.  I will try to post once or twice to give you guys an update and hopefully a few pictures from my trip.  Don’t worry; I’ll be sure to do a post telling you guys all about what I did when I get back! Before I go, I wanted to leave you with one more blog post about a trend that I recently fell in love with: mixing textures.


My roommate actually purchased these leggings from Macy’s around Christmas time, and once I saw them, I knew I needed to copy!  I love that they are a little more subdued and not too shiny in appearance.  It makes them easier to pair with tops for more than just a glam night look.


Now you may be thinking:  that’s a lot of textures mixing together in an outfit; metallic, velvet, and leather.  Good thing I’m here to remind you that fashion rules are meant to be broken!  Mixing textures can be so much fun and a way to create unique styles and trends.  This velvet top is from (of course) Apricot Lane Peoria.  I love how the open back and high neck features.  It’s definitely a sexy fit and shows a lot of skin, so I liked pairing it with my leather jacket to tone it down.  My goal was to make the metallic leggings the focal point of the outfit, so by adding a jacket, I took attention away from the eye-catching velvet top.


There are plenty of ways to mix textures to play around with this trend.  Here are a few ways you can try it out:

  • Leopard pattern top with leather leggings
  • Faux fur vest and chiffon dress
  • Suede skirt and metallic (silver or gold) top
  • Snakeskin pumps with stripes (be sure they are in the same color family!)

Mixing textures in your own way adds so much uniqueness to your outfit and personal style.  How are you thinking of trying this trend?  Share a comment below letting me know!

♥ Leah

Photo credit:  Elizabeth Izzo (check out her Instagram!)

Outfit details:  Leggings:  Macy’s//Velvet top:  Apricot Lane Champaign//Leather jacket:  Apricot Lane Peoria//Earrings:  The Loft//Bracelets:  Apricot Lane Peoria//Purse:  A gift!

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