The Pocket Sweater

Fall is here!! This is my all-time favorite season featuring some of my all-time favorite styles:  ripped jeans, booties, and cozy sweaters.  As you’ve probably seen through my past posts, comfy fashion is what I swear by.  Cute, comfortable fabrics are something I feel fashion should always achieve.  No matter how cute something looks on a hanger or mannequin, NEVER buy it unless you feel comfortable in it.  One of my favorite go-to comfortable fall looks is loose jeans and a sweater.  Check out this amazing sweater I got from Apricot Lane Madison!

Ok, this material is so soft and cozy.  This cotton/rayon blend feels like heaven on your skin.  Not only that, it’s super warm too! Perfect for those chiller fall days.  Best of all, this is PERFECT for your winter transition.  The brick color is super popular this fall, and will also serve as a pop of color for your winter wardrobe. You can pair it with a faux fur vest and boots, or layered with a blanket scarf to add more warmth.

I kept this look simple and casual.  I decided to pair it with my fringed knit scarf, simple gold earrings, and booties.  I love the oversized pocket on this sweater.  It almost serves as a separate “accessory” on it’s own!  It’s all about the details, baby. 😉

Other ways you could style this sweater this fall to fit your own look:

  • Pair with a faux fur vest, statement necklace or earrings, and booties.
  • If you aren’t much for jeans, wear with your favorite pair of leggings. The back of the sweater is long enough to cover back there! Riding boots or knee highs would give a cozy, casual feel.
  • Style with dark skinny jeans to really make the brick color pop!
  • Switch out the scarf for long, gold layered necklaces to dress up the sweater.

What are your favorite, go to fall looks?  I’d love to hear your comments below 🙂 If you’d like to shop my look, check out the links below.  Thanks for reading and hope you have a great week!

♥ Leah

Photo cred:  The amazing Elizabeth Izzo. Check out her Insta here!

Outfit details:  Comfy Cozy Pocket Sweater:  Apricot Lane Madison//Ripped Jeans: Apricot Lane Peoria (similar here!)//Fringed Scarf: Aldo (similar here!)//Gold Earrings: Express (similar here!)//Booties: Target//Clutch:  Charming Charlies

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  1. Leah, this post made me so happy!! ❤️ 1. It was a wonderful study break. 2. Your pictures are beautiful! 3. Your fashion sense and description are spot-on. 4. I relate to your love of comfy clothes SO MUCH. 5. I am wearing a reddish/pink/brick colored sweater with pockets right now (!!), which makes me feel very fashionable. 6. I have those same boots in the same color (!!), which also makes me feel very fashionable. Okay, fan-girling over. ❤️ Love you! You’re doing such a great job!! This article made me so excited for fall and fall fashion!

    1. Thanks so much Julia! I love that you happened to be wearing a pocket sweater 🤗 what perfect timing! I’m so glad my post reached you and inspired you to take items in your own closet and make it your own!!

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