Wearing your LBD for More Than Just Special Occasions

Hey guys! These last couple weeks have been crazy.  Work is ramping up, weekends have been full of events, and I’m plugging away at the blog.  I basically need a central line of coffee to keep myself going at times.  Who’s with me?  Well today I’m slowing down a bit and sharing some more outfit inspiration/suggestions with you all with my take on the LBD.


When you think of the phrase “little black dress”, date night, wedding, and girls night out outfit inspirations immediately come to mind. When I recently purchased my new favorite little black dress, I was guilty of this as well:  narrowing my mind to think there were only few and far between events I could wear this dress to.  The thought of seeing my little black dress gathering dust in my closet got me thinking.  While yes, there are some obvious LBD’s that you should only wear to these types of events (I’m thinking dresses with extreme cut-outs, cleavage, and evening gowns…you guys know what I mean!), there is definitely more you can do to rock a little black dress during the day.

I purchased this dress from the Express Outlet Store. Side bar – it’s right next to my corporate office so it’s super dangerous during the week!! The second I saw this dress, I knew it was right up my alley:  bell sleeves, girly lace detail, and a super comfy flare fit.  Once I tried it on I knew I had to have it.  I had a good friend’s wedding coming up, and figured I would wear it to that.  However, I wanted more out of it.  Too often I purchase a dress for a single occasion, and I’m trying to change that.  I’m all about versatile fashion, remember?!  When I got to thinking of how I could wear this, I thought of two distinct styles to both dress this up or down.


Style one: Wedding, girls night out, or date night look

I decided to style this outfit with gold accents to dress it up. I wore my black 2-piece heels with studded details to add a little edge to take emphasis off the girly lace of the sleeves.  To play up the gold studs on the shoes, I added my layered gold necklace from Charming Charlie.  I am in love with this necklace minus the fact that I need to be careful how I store it to avoid it from tangling!  I can wear this necklace with any outfit and the stone piece helps add both shape and some excitement to the plainer neckline of the dress.


Style two: Lunch with friends, afternoon shopping, or any casual event

I decided to pair this dress with; you guessed it, my favorite knee high boots and a blanket scarf.  I love the way that just adding these two pieces really changes the entire feel of the outfit.  It’s extremely warm and comfortable too! I didn’t want to overpower the feel of the lace sleeves by adding too many accessories, so I kept it simple.  Bell sleeves are also currently a super popular trend this fall to wear casually, so that definitely helps the case of wearing this dress in more of a casual setting.

Here are some other ways you could dress down YOUR favorite little black dress this fall:

  • Adding a long necklace and a boyfriend cardigan
  • Wearing your favorite neutral fall vest (I think faux fur would look awesome!)
  • Pair with a statement necklace and riding boots
  • Laying with an oversized denim shirt, then adding statement earrings and booties
  • Pairing with peep toe booties and your favorite casual fall jacket (I love utility jackets or leather jackets!)

There you have it! I challenge all of you to play around with your little black dress this week.  Post a comment and let me know how you plan to dress it down.  I’d love to hear ideas that I could adapt for my own LBD’s!!! Thank you so much for reading.

♥ Leah

Photos by: Elizabeth Izzo (check out her Instagram here!)

Outfit details:

Black Bell Sleeved Dress: Express (similar style here!)//Gold Necklace:  Charming Charlie (similar style here!)//Black Heels: UOI Boutique//Blanket Scarf: Apricot Lane Green Bay (similar style here!)//Knee High Boots: Apricot Lane Peoria

Here are a few more little black dresses that I think are the perfect styles to dress up AND down!  Click on the photos to check them out in detail.

 Product Image, click to zoom

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    1. Ah! I’m so happy to hear you say that. Bell sleeves can be so amazing and there’s definitely a top Or dress out that will fit YOUR style! I hope you try it out!!


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