10 Ways to Pack Smarter for your Next Getaway

Hello loves! I’ve got a big Jamaican vacation coming my way in about a week and I couldn’t be more excited.  Ocean, sand, sun, and endless mojitos… it cannot come soon enough.  With that though, comes my least favorite activity:  packing. I’m always looking for ways to make this tedious project easier.  Today I want to share with you 10 ways to pack smarter, which could both save you a headache and space in your suitcase if you want to bring home some goodies from your travels!

(1.)  Make an Excel doc of all of your outfits that you plan to wear.  I know this sounds a little crazy, but trust me guys, being intentional here is so worth it.  I save so much room and avoid having to sit on my suitcase to close it when I think ahead to exactly what I want to wear.  Include the jewelry and other accessories in this list too!!!

(2.)  Pack versatile outfit pieces.  Some examples could be: a dress worn as both a swim cover-up or for a night out, jeans to wear with multiple tops, and neutral accessories (such as gold statement earrings) or shoes (brown sandals) that will match any outfit.

(3.)  Pack 2 days before your trip.  I am definitely guilty of not doing this, but I find that when I am intentional and pack early, I am way less likely to forget something OR end up over packing.  Whenever I wait until the last minute, I’m literally throwing everything and anything into my suitcase in fear of missing something.

(4.)  Make a list on your phone the night before you leave of the last minute toiletries or items you need to pack in the morning.  Because, let’s face it ladies, we can’t COMPLETELY pack everything in advance.  Items such as my hair brush, toothbrush, deodorant, and any last minute laundry won’t be in my bag until right before I need to leave.

(5.)  Roll clothes up instead of folding them.  If I’m tight on space, I can fit almost double the amount of clothes in my suitcase by rolling my clothes.  It also speeds up the packing process when I’m not so focused on neatly folding my clothes.  The one downside is wrinkles, so I always grab a travel sized wrinkle release spray at my local drugstore for when I unpack at my destination!

(6.) Utilize your shoes for extra space.  Boots or any close-toed shoes make a great storage place for socks, extra make-up or other smaller items to help save space in your bag.

(7.)  Visit the travel section at Target or Walmart.  ANY toiletry I pack, I can usually find a smaller version of it in the travel section at Target or Walmart.  I can also find travel bottles there where I can transfer my favorite lotion, make up remover, or shampoo/conditioner so I can throw them in my carry on.

(8.)  If you’re flying, pack your mini toiletries in your carry on.  This always saves me the trouble of worrying about checked baggage being thrown around causing liquids to open and spill all over my clothes or personal items!  I always like knowing I have a little more control over my carry on and have the ability to check on it and adjust after any unexpected turbulence.

(9.)  Pack a large plastic bag for dirty clothes.  This one is a life saver for me.  I put all my dirty clothes in a plastic bag to isolate them from my left over, clean clothes.  All I have to do when you get home and unpack is open the bag and toss it in my laundry bin; no sorting needed!

(10.) Wrap your hot hair straightener/curler in an oven mitt before you pack it.  We’ve all been a hurry the morning before leaving for a big trip.  If your hair styling tools are still way too hot before you have to leave, wrap them in an oven mitt or a towel before you pack it to avoid burning other items.

What tips do you have to add to the list? Have a lovely weekend!

♥ Leah

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  1. Packing things into shoes is such a good trip! I hope you and Josh have the most wonderful trip. The weather should be so nice!! You guys both deserve the break! Love from England right now! ❤️

  2. I like the idea of packing a plastic bag for dirty clothes! Also, using an oven mitt. I, too, find that rolling is the way to go! I am packing this week for a trip so I will try to implement the Excel suggestion.

  3. My target has THE BEST selection that I have ever seen for travel sized products. It’s so amazing it takes up almost two aisles! I always stop there before we head out on a trip. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love love love making packing lists. It’s the only way I’ll remember everything. And that tip about the oven mitt?! Pure genius! I always wrap mine in a cotton tee but I still get nervous that it will ruin the shirt. Gotta use the mitt next time!

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