21 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas for both my Single and Taken Ladies

Happy Monday ladies!  I’m not sure about you, but I cannot believe it’s already mid-February.  I swear, the older I get, the faster time ticks by.  Anyway, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow!!! I personally love this holiday.  Being able to celebrate love with your family, friends, or significant other is so so special.

Now I know that life can get crazy sometimes, and this holiday tends to fall to the way-side.  But I encourage all of you to do something this Valentine’s Day with someone you love.  To help you out, I’m sharing 21 last minute ideas to celebrate the day.  I’ll have two separate lists:  one for my single ladies, and one for my taken girls.  Check out some v-day outfit inspiration along the way!


In a relationship:

  1. Go to a local dive bar, grab drinks, and play some bar games.  I personally love a good game of pool for some friendly competition! 😉
  2. Make reservations at a restaurant on Open Table that you’ve never been to before in your area.  If you go on the website and put in the date and time, it’ll only show open restaurants in your area!
  3. Have a pizza and a movie night.  Go to a Italian deli or your grocery store and make your pizza from scratch!
  4. Go rollerblading at a local rink.   There’s something so fun and romantic about going back to your grade school days of holding hands while skating.
  5. Head to the mall pick out a new article of clothing for each other to wear (pick your budget) and wear it to dinner.
  6. If you have a fireplace, have a beer/wine and s’mores night.  Grab your favorite comfortable blanket or rug and cozy up to the fire to roast the marshmallows.
  7. Go for a night walk.  If it’s cold, bundle up!
  8. Make a blanket fort in your living room.  And when I say that, I mean go ALL OUT!
  9. Play a two-player video game together.
  10. Head to a art store and pick up a couple canvases and paints and have a DIY paint night!
  11. Have a dessert creation competition.  Each of you design and prepare a surprise dessert that you think the other will love!  Enjoy your desserts together afterwards.
  12. Go on an ice cream date and branch out with an obscure ice cream flavor you’ve never tried before.
  13. Create your own flights of beer for each other.  Check out your local liquor store and each build your own six-packs for each other (a lot of liquor stores offer this now).
  14. Start a new Netflix show together and promise to always only watch it with each other.
  15. Play cards together.  Teach each other new games that you’ve grown up playing with family.
  16. Listen to music together and take turns adding a new song to the cue.
  17. Play the question game.  Challenge each other to ask questions you’ve never asked each other before!
  18. Spend the night writing letters to parents or other family members on how much you love them.  Share stories about them with each other.
  19. Get dressed up and order your favorite take-out food.  Set the table and have a fancy dinner together.
  20. Team up for a game of bar trivia at a local place.  You can typically Google trivia nights at pubs in your area.
  21. Bowl together and make a mini bet for whoever loses!

Josh and I plan to grab dinner at a sushi restaurant we’ve never been to before and then potentially head out for a few drinks.  We always love exploring new places and eating really good food!



Single ladies:

  1. Get dressed up with your girlfriends and go out for margaritas/cocktails.
  2. Take some time and treat yourself to a full-on spa day.  Paint your nails, try a new mask, and take a bubble bath.  Sometimes we tend to forget to love ourselves!
  3. Spend Valentine’s Day with your parents.  Play some board games together and reminisce about your family memories.  You might learn something new!
  4. Have a wine bar night with your ladies.  Everyone brings a bottle of wine to have everyone try.
  5. Head to Barnes and Noble or another nearby bookstore and treat yourself to a new book that interests you.  Spend the night in your PJ’s reading with a glass of wine.
  6. Binge watch a comedy show.  I recommend Parks and Recreation, Shameless, or New Girl.
  7. Grab an adult coloring books with your friends and color together.
  8. Have a 90’s music dance party with your ladies.
  9. Go to Sephora or Ulta with your girls and get a free make over. You may discover some new products you want to treat yourself to.
  10. Have a junk food and rom com night.
  11. Plan a road trip with friends.  Spend the night mapping out all the little details and getting excited for it.
  12. Bake the night away.  Make some cookies or brownies to give to those you love.
  13. Journal and reflect on all the things you love about yourself.
  14. If you’re feeling daring, go on a blind date.  Ask that person out you’ve been chatting with on your dating app!  You never know where it would go.
  15. Visit a local animal shelter with friends.  Show some love to our furry friends too!
  16. Head to the mall and pick up a new outfit that makes you feel super confident.
  17. Organize a spontaneous singles mixer for all your single friends at your place.
  18. Go out and treat yourself with a late night dessert with your girlfriends at a fancy restaurant after the Valentine’s Day rush slows down.
  19.  Have an old fashioned “Truth or Dare” night with friends.  Challenge each other to step out of your comfort zones, you never know who you might meet. 😉
  20. Volunteer at a local nursing home or hospital to spend time with those who may be a bit lonely on Valentine’s Day.
  21. Organize a last minute secret valentine exchange with your friend group.  Tell everyone they have until the end of the day to come up with a way (under $10) to show their person some love tomorrow!


Valentine’s Day is such a great reminder for us to tell someone we love them.  Whether you are single or not, Valentine’s Day should serve as a day to celebrate all types of love.  But let’s not forget that love doesn’t end with this day.  Tell those in your life you love them every time you get the chance!

I hope you all have a special day tomorrow regardless of what you do.  Leave a comment below about your Valentine’s plans!

♥ Leah

Photos by:  Elizabeth Izzo (check out her website izzoeliz.com)

Outfit details (if not exact, similar pieces linked):  Floral Dress:  Forever 21//Leather Jacket:  Apricot Lane Peoria//Tights:  Walmart//Necklace:  Francesca’s//Knee High Boots:  Apricot Lane Peoria

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