31 Things I’m Thankful For This Year

Thanksgiving is upon us, friends!  This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year filled with food, family, and friends.  Too often, we take our life’s blessings for granted and forget to give thanks for all the great things in our lives.  I like to take this time of year to intentionally reflect on my life and remember everything I’m thankful for, both large and small.  I wanted to share these things with all of you.  Hopefully some of these things resonate with you, and I challenge you to write down 31 things you are thankful for this year.


  1. Family that love and support me in whatever endeavor I choose to pursue.
  2. A boyfriend who loves me unconditionally and amazes me every day.
  3. A roof over my head.
  4. Friends who make me laugh until I cry and are there for me in every happy, sad, or frustrating moment of life.
  5. Wisconsin’s own, Spotted Cow beer (my favorite!).
  6. Lazy Sunday’s.
  7. My big, baggy off-the-shoulder sweatshirt… it’s so cozy! I don’t know what I’d do without it!
  8. My favorite Milwaukee Mexican food joint, El Fuego.
  9. My homemade scarf made by my mom.
  10. The amount of growth I’ve made in just the last year:  Starting this blog, making strides at work, and personally learning more about myself.
  11. Parents that will always have my back.
  12. My roommate who keeps me sane (you’ll see her more in a future post!!).
  13.  My toasty warm, fleece tie blanket made by my mom.
  14. My fellow bloggers who inspire me to keep going and always stay true to myself.
  15. My awesome photographer, Elizabeth Izzo, for conveying my personality in all my shoots!
  16. The relaxing, thoughtful, summer afternoons spent on my parent’s backyard swing.
  17. My decision to start my blog.  It has taught me how to be proud of who I am, and showed me ways I can convey that to others.
  18. A hot cup of coffee on a Saturday or Sunday morning.
  19. All of the people God graced me with by having them enter into my life.
  20. Big, comfy, cozy blanket scarves!
  21. Having running, hot water.
  22. My job that challenges me and also allows me to live comfortably.
  23. My love of trying new things and wanting to step out of my comfort zone.
  24. My desire to travel and see the world.
  25. The late nights spent with my friends having long talks about life.
  26. My passion for styling women to make them feel beautiful and confident.
  27. The joy my parent’s and sister’s adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels give me.
  28. The strength I’ve grown in my faith throughout my college years and into adulthood.
  29. The lessons I’ve learned from all of my past mistakes.
  30. The smell of freshly cut grass.
  31. Finally, all of you readers. 🙂 Without you and your support, I wouldn’t be here.  Thank you.


What are you most thankful for this year? Share one or two things below.  It always makes me smile and inspires me when I read your comments and thoughts.  Have a safe, and very happy Thanksgiving filled with friends, family, and TONS of food.

♥ Leah

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Izzo

Outfit details: Red tunic: Dottie Couture Boutique (similar here!)//Tights: Walmart//Booties: Apricot Lane Peoria (similar here!)//Gold earrings: Forever 21 (similar here!)//Bracelet: Francesca’s (similar here!)//Rings: Gifts from mom! (similar here!)

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