5 Tips to a More Focused Mind


Hey guys! Today’s post is going to be my first lifestyle post and I wanted to write it on something that I struggle with everyday:  staying focused.  Life can get crazy, especially for a planner like me, and sometimes I fail to leave time for myself and my personal goals.  I wanted to share with you 5 tips that I like to use to get my back on track to tackle the day.

  1. Writing lists:  Developing a step by step list to accomplish a certain task really centers my mind and helps me to think of all the nitty gritty details to check off the list to get something done.  Some people are able to think more big picture with list making, but I am one of those individuals that is highly motivated by writing down even the smallest steps and crossing them off the list.
  2. Making my mental and physical health a focus:  I really struggle with putting myself first sometimes.  This is HUGE!  Getting enough sleep, eating right, and having a regular physical fitness routine make a huge impact on my outlook on the day, week, or even month/year.  Whenever I get in a slump feeling lethargic and unmotivated, sometimes all I find I need to do is simply go for a run.  Just getting my blood circulating and waking my brain up is enough for me to refocus.
  3. Asking for help:  This is another one I struggle with.  I find that it’s so hard to just stop and ask for help sometimes.  Having too much on your plate can effect not only the quality of your work, but also your mental health as a whole.  A big lesson that I still need to learn is when to say “I need help”.  Swallowing your pride and realizing you can’t do it 100% on your own is a very noble trait.  There are so many people around you, whether they be colleagues, family, or friends, that could use their talents to help you reach your goals and vice versa.  Don’t be afraid to use your social network.
  4. Knowing when to stop:  Sometimes we get so caught up in the rush of things, that we work ourselves to exhaustion.  Resting your brain is extremely important to prevent you from getting burnt out and giving up on your goals all together.  Understanding when you’re no longer productive and need to turn in for the day to give yourself some R&R will help keep you focused for the next days ahead keeping your passion for the end goal alive.  Exhaustion can lead to resentment.  You never want to get to that point.
  5. Reward yourself:  Treat yourself to something special (big or small) when you feel you’ve made it one step closer to your goal. Whether that be an ice cream sundae, a bubble bath, a glass of wine, or that pair of shoes you’ve been eying up, giving yourself that self-gratification will help keep you motivated and excited to cross that next bridge.

I hope this was helpful for you! I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Now go crush that hump day!
♥ Leah

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