6 Tips to Help You Calm Down and Stop Stressing

Ok, I’m not going to lie.  I’ve been pretty overwhelmed lately trying to get everything done and setting a new schedule for myself.  Going to work at my full time job, working out, cleaning the house, meal prep, fitting in time with friends and family, and most importantly, growing my blog.  I’m truly learning how hard it is to have a successful blog, and how many late nights and early mornings I am going to have to put in to make it successful.  Sometimes I feel like I’m just staying afloat. To all my bloggers out there who are killing the game, I give you all serious props! I look up to you all more than you know, and you guys inspire me to continue working at it and try new things.

With all of this going in, it’s so easy to just give up.  Who doesn’t want to fall into bed and binge watch Netflix every night after work?  Though I don’t want to admit it, I still tend to let the stress get to me.  Once that happens, all productivity falls away.  When I get into these slumps, there are 6 things I do to calm myself down and keep pushing on-wards towards my goals!


Plan, Plan, Plan.

I cannot stress this one enough. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING helps calm me down more than having an action plan. Whenever I realize that I don’t have a plan, I feel paralyzed. To snap out of it, I sit down and write. I write all the things I need to do, and a time frame by which to get them done. I also prioritize. I highlight or number the tasks in the order I want them done. When it’s all laid out in front of me, and there’s a list I can “check off”, everything seems more doable and I’m able to focus.

Tell myself 3 things I am doing well.

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a pat on the back and recongnize the hard work you’ve been doing. Self-praise is a super healthy tactic to use to help you feel like you’re in control and ready to tackle anything. You’ve achieved so much, girl! When you’re feeling overwhelmed, stop for a moment and write down 3 things you’re proud of or progress you’ve made in the last week. Trust me, it helps!


Nothing calms me down more than doing a simple breathing exercise. What helps me when I’m super stressed out is taking a deep breath in, holding for 3 Mississippi’s, and letting it out. Do that three separate times and your body will start to relax and your head will clear.

Make a cup of tea or coffee.

There’s something about the smell of fresh coffee that instantly relaxes me. Even the noise of my Kuerig brewing soothes the worst of my moods. The caffeine also reenergizes you to keep on pushing hard to get done what you need to get done. Not one for caffeine? Have some herbal tea. It helps you relax and refocus your mind. Trust me!!

Complete one more task, then call it a night.

When you get to the point of exhaustion and stress, just tell yourself to complete one more task. Then you can call it a night. Give yourself the little victory of completing just one more thing, whether big or small. You’ll leave feeling accomplished and ready to tackle the next task tomorrow.

Take a shower.

This one sounds a little weird, but trust me, it works. Take a hot shower when you’re stressed  and relax a little. The hot water on your skin will wake you up and make you feel like a new woman. I know this sounds super cheesy, but in a way, it “washes away your stress”. Don’t hate me for saying that 😂!

Stay focused babes! You can do it. No matter what obstacle or stress you are facing, you ARE stronger than it and you WILL prevail. What things are stressing you out lately? Do you have any good methods of relaxation? Let me hear em!

♥ Leah

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    1. Coffee is literally my lifeline haha! Thanks, girl! I’m all about positive affirmations. It helps me continue to look forward rather than get stuck in the rut of my stress.

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