My Jamaica Vacation and ENGAGEMENT!

Guys!!! I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, but I am ENGAGED!   Almost a month ago now, Josh and I left the country headed to Montego Bay, Jamaica for a vacation that would change my life forever.  I’m here to spill all the details and tell you guys all about it… and apologize in advance for the length of this post!  Along the way, check out some pictures from my trip (featuring my handsome fiancé and some sunburn) as well as some of my favorite outfits.

Setting the stage

Let me start off by saying, Jamaica is absolutely beautiful. Green grass, rolling hills, and the clearest water I’ve ever seen.  The island is 146 miles long and 51 miles wide, so it’s got a very nice small and “home-y” vibe.  Every local I came across throughout our vacation was extremely welcoming and nice.  The island has a very relaxed and move at your own pace kind of vibe which is definitely right up my alley.  Everybody was so helpful and wanted Josh and I to fully experience the beauty and fun nature of the island.


Getting to Jamaica was definitely a rougher experience. I’m talking flight delays, running through the Atlanta airport, lost luggage, and an overall long day of traveling.  The first night once we checked in, we grabbed some dinner and then explored the hotel. Later that night, our resort was having a party on the beach.  I mean, there was a beach bonfire, D.J. and all you can drink bar out on the sand…It doesn’t get much better than that!  We had an absolute blast.


Sunday was our first full day there, and that’s the day Josh asked me to be his wife! We spent all day relaxing by the beach and pool and soaking up the beautiful sun.  The week before we left was dreary, cloudy, and miserable, so the sun was definitely a sight for sore eyes.  For dinner that night, we went to a delicious, up-scale restaurant included in our all-inclusive resort.  We got all dressed up and had some amazing conversation about our future together.

After dinner, Josh really wanted to go to the beach (I now know why…), but I insisted we go to the resort’s nightly show. This show was called “Mr. Iberostar”, and male guests were invited to compete for the title.  Just reluctantly agreed.  However, it ended up being absolutely hilarious and one of our favorite shows of the whole week.  Once the show ended and we were sore from laughing, we headed down to the beach.

The proposal

Now, I didn’t suspect anything of it when he was so ademate about going to the beach. We took a trip to Cancun, Mexico last winter and went down to the beach every night to hang out.  At night, the beach at our resort was one of the most peaceful places I have ever been.  It was so quiet, empty, and the stars were so bright and beautiful.  We were walking along the beach, me in front of him, when I heard him say my name.  I turned around, and there he was, holding that little ring box.

At that point, I think I blacked out (Ha! Did any of you engaged/married folk do that?)! I must’ve said yes because all of a sudden that ring was on my finger and I was crying.  I couldn’t stop shaking and asking “what do we do now???”.  We hugged for what seemed like an eternity and I just couldn’t believe what had just happened.  To calm me down, Josh suggested that we head back to our suite so I can get a better look at the ring and relax.

We got back to the room, and I gawked over the ring for awhile… I mean seriously guys… he KILLED it.  It’s so perfectly me and I still can’t staring at it every day.  The best part about it was that he picked it out all on his own, while asking opinions of friends and his family along the way.


We decided to call family that night and break the news.  I was just so giddy and wanted to tell those I love most in this world our exciting news.  We called my sister, my parents, and his parents that night.  It was so special to share this time with them and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

The aftermath

The next day we headed out to an excursion to explore Ochos Rios and climb Dunn’s River Falls so I actually had to take the ring off right away (so weird!!), but I didn’t want to lose it in the falls or damage it on the rocks.  It was such a fun day but it killed me that I had to wait to tell my friends the news since I left my phone back at the hotel.  That night and the following day we broke the news to everyone else.

The rest of the week, we relaxed on the beach and at the pool, kayaked on the ocean, rode on a catamaran, snorkeled at the Jamaican Marine Park, drank a lot of rum, and visited the Luminous Lagoon.  It was such a unique trip that I will truly remember forever.


I must say, getting engaged on vacation was the best thing I could’ve dreamed of.  While it was hard not being able to call everyone with my phone, it was magical to escape from reality for the rest of that week to just enjoy being together and celebrating together.  I can’t stress how important I think it is to take time for yourselves as a couple in that time and enjoy the moments.

Thanks for sticking with me till the end of this post!  I am so excited to continue to share my engagement/wedding planning journey with all of you and provide as many tips and tricks as I learn along the way.

Share a comment below of one of your favorite moments from your most memorable vacation thus far!

♥ Leah

Here are some of my favorite outfits from the trip.  Sorry about the poor quality/lighting of these photos.  These outfits will all show up again on the blog in more detail.


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  1. I can’t believe I didn’t comment on this post! Totally thought I did. Wow, these photos are incredible! I love hearing more about your life. You and Josh are so cute! Enjoy the planning process because it sure flies by! P.S. He KILLED it with the ring!! P.P.S. I love those gladiator sandals!! 😉

    1. Hey girl! Thanks so much. Josh is such a good guy and I can’t wait for you to meet him at the wedding this September. Thanks for stopping by and being such a great support for me!

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