The Story Behind “bloom. 🌻”

The goal of this post is to explain the purpose of “Bloom” and why I chose this name in the first place.  I want to give you a better understanding of what this name means to me and why I am so passionate about its meaning.

The word “bloom” signifies many things for me:  beauty, perseverance, personal growth, confidence, positivity, and being a risk seeker in life.

My dad has always told me since I was a little girl, “Leah, always bloom where you are planted.” What he means by that is to always take any and all opportunities presented to me and run away with them.  He continuously stated the importance of not being lazy and continuing to grow whether it is within an organization or personally.  Saying that, however, is definitely easier said than done.  Obviously there will be challenges and road blocks along the way, but the overall message remains the same:  never give up and give your all in everything you do.  In the end, if you do that, it will pay off.


I thought naming my blog (and future business) “Bloom” was the perfect way to sum up both my personal journey as well as what I hope others to experience through reading my posts and (eventually) shopping at my store.  It symbolizes me taking a leap of faith through this blog and following my ultimate passion.  It reminds me every day to take risks with new opportunities to grow my business while also reminding me to learn and evolve from my mistakes. For my readers/supporters, I hope you experience your own personal growth and find inspiration through following my blog posts.  I want you to help you bloom into the person you want to become as we all navigate through life.

For me, fashion has helped bloom my self-confidence.  I went through a rough time in college really trying to understand where I wanted to fit into this world.  Through getting involved with fashion trends, it has taught me how to develop my own personal style and own it.  It was a great place for me to start feeling in control of who I am and where I wanted to go.  Now I want to take what I’m learning from fashion and pass it along.

What I love about fashion is that is it such an individualized concept.  There is no right or wrong, and as long as you feel like you’re rocking that outfit, no other opinions matter. That is how fashion trends are born.  It’s about you looking in the mirror when you’re wearing a unique outfit and saying “I look damn good!”  and rocking it. It’s the confidence people like to follow which goes beyond the trend. It’s not about what people think is “in style” it’s about you falling in love with yourself and being comfortable in the skin you’re in.

My ultimate goal with this blog and my future boutique is to both help you establish that first step of feeling confident and beautiful as well as continuing to build and grow your personal style to fit your lifestyle both now and into the future.  I hope you now have a better understanding of where I’m coming from with these posts and the true meaning behind this name.  Thank you so much for reading.  I’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂 Till next time!

♥ Leah

Photo Cred: Vicky Manlove

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